Fabricated Machinery Items

Pump and Gearbox Foundations

Electric Motor Mounting Adapters

Brackets, Braces, Electrical Equipment racks and supports.

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Parkway Manufacturing Company, Inc.

707 Industry Drive 

Hampton, VA - 23661

Phone - (757) 896-9712

Parkway Manufacturing Machine Shop is a Member of the Better Business Bureau BBB. Click the logo for company information.

As an option, some of our customers elect to purchase fabrications directly from us and machine them at their facility.  Other customers are set up only for the final assembly stage and wish to purchase parts that are complete and ready to assemble. 


We can supply machinery items as fabrication, pre-machined only or, completely finished to our customer's specifications.


As you can see in the pictures below our fabrications are completely cleaned and are slag, splatter and burr free. Unless specified all or fabrications are also primered and ready to paint.


Parkway manufacturing and machine shop hampton va steel plant and yard location



The picture above is of a motor Lantern adapter prior to machining and painting. This particular part was manufactured for one of customers who produce and sell gear reduction equipment. The construction is of all A36 structural quality steel welded to AWS D1.1 specifications. All part items were flame cut, sawed and welded to our customer's drawings. Next the part will be machined in house or taken to one of our quality machine shop vendors.

The pictured lantern, also called a motor adaptor, adapts an electric motor to a gear reducer. Typically this combination is used to power slow speed, high torque applications such as conveyors. This type of part can also be used to adapt an electric motor to a compressor or fluid pump.

The above photo shows another style of Rexnord Motor Lantern but much larger and with a coat of primer. This part is ready for the final machining step.

The photos above is of a Rexnord Motor Lantern. This Motor Lantern was fabricated and assembled at Parkway Manufacturing but machined at L&W Machine in Norfolk, Virginia.

The photos above is of two Sumitomo "C" Face motor adapters after machining and painting. Similar to the top photo these parts were fabricated in-house. These two "C" Face adapters were machined at Parkway Mfg. Co. They have just left the machining step and will cleaned up prior to delivery. 

The photo above is of a large Hanson baseplate fabricated at Parkway Mfg. Co. and Machined at American GFM Corp in Chesapeake, Virginia. This part is in use as a mounting foundation for a large gear reduction & motor assembly.

This part was made by us when we were still located in Suffolk, Virginia.


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Parkway Manufacturing, Inc.

707 Industry Drive

 Hampton, Virginia - 23661

Owner:  Walter Schultz

Manager: Barbara Mastej

Phone - (757) 896-9712

Examples of some of our services include: 

Heavy Steel Manufacturing and Sub-contract Manufacturing.

Motor Lanterns, Machinery Foundations, "C" Face Motor Adapters.

Brackets, Braces, Supports, Adapters

Functional & Decorative  Architectural & Ornamental "Wrought Iron" Design and Installation.

Porch, Deck & Stair Railings.

Precision and General Machining.

Contract Torch and Plasma Arc Cutting.

Field welding and repair services.

Machine Rebuilding

Dock leveler installation.

Miscellaneous structural manufacturing. 

HVAC Equipment Supports, Mezzanine, Cat Walks, Access Stairs

Manufacturing and installation of protective Bollards and curb guards.

Manufacturing and installation of Truck Racks, Ladder Racks & Custom Truck Beds

Manufacturing and sales of Bicycle Racks, Plant Stands, Fireplace Log Racks, "Wrought Iron" Picnic Table Frames

Examples of some of our Processes include: 

CAD/CAM Computer-controlled Gantry Flame and Plasma Cutting

Lathe work (Turning, Facing Boring and threading)

Milling Work (Face, side and end milling)

Drill press work, Precision and Radial

Welding, MIG, Tig and Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW or "Stick") Welding

Sheet metal shearing and bending. Both Box & Pan and Press Brake work

Plate rolling

AR Steel Fabricating (Abrasion Resistant Steel)

Saw Cutting

CNC Torch & Plasma cutting

Custom Design

Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Assembly

On Site welding and repair 

We have many other special needs services which we can provide.  Just ask, by calling or sending an email.

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Parkway Manufacturing, Precision Fabrication and Machine shop is located in Hampton Virginia (VA) and serves all of Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, including: All of Tidewater VA, Virginia Beach Va. Norfolk Va. Chesapeake Va. Newport News Va. Portsmouth Va. Hampton Va. Yorktown Va.  Suffolk Va. Williamsburg Va. Richmond, Va. Elizabeth City NC, and Jacksonville NC. (North Carolina)

As well as all of North America, (USA & Canada)

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