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Parkway Manufacturing Company, Inc.

707 Industry Drive 

Hampton, VA - 23661

Phone - (757) 896-9712

Parkway Manufacturing Machine Shop is a Member of the Better Business Bureau BBB. Click the logo for company information.

CNC Torch and Plasma cutting of Steel, Stainless and Aluminum

Our Koike-Aronson modern gantry style Flame and Plasma cutting machine has the capabilities to cut Carbon Steel, Stainless and Aluminum plate to your specifications. You provide a DXF file on disk or by email or, our programmers can generate a DXF file from your paper drawing or sketch.

Our machine has an envelope size capability of 72"x 144" and can cut carbon steel up to 6" thick.

Email, fax or call today to receive a quotation. No minimum order. No order too small. All cut parts, have the slag removed, edges sanded or ground and completely cleaned and inspected before delivery. All this at a competitive cost.


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Parkway Manufacturing, Inc.

707 Industry Drive

 Hampton, Virginia - 23661

Owner:  Walter Schultz

Manager: Barbara Mastej

Phone - (757) 896-9712

Examples of some of our services include: 

Examples of some of our Processes include: 

We have many other special needs services which we can provide.  Just ask, by calling or sending an email.

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Parkway Manufacturing, Precision Fabrication and Machine shop is located in Hampton Virginia (VA) and serves all of Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, including: All of Tidewater VA, Virginia Beach Va. Norfolk Va. Chesapeake Va. Newport News Va. Portsmouth Va. Hampton Va. Yorktown Va.  Suffolk Va. Williamsburg Va. Richmond, Va. Elizabeth City NC, and Jacksonville NC. (North Carolina)

As well as all of North America, (USA & Canada)

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